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Wednesday Briefs: Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Three

A snowy Wednesday here, but it could have been worse. Just a few inches. Happy Hump Day! Time for more flash fiction from the Wednesday Briefers! Are you ready? We sure are!

Last week, Dallas learned that someone was outside his apartment, looking for him. Could it have been Samuel, or is that just wishful thinking on Dallas' part? If it was, then why? The answer may lie in today's episode of Dallas in Wonderland II. Then go see what the other Briefers are up to! Their links follow my tale. Enjoy!

Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Three

Sometimes Samuel sat behind his imposing mahogany desk, fingers steepled against his sensual lips, regarding Dallas with his unusual coppery eyes flecked with green. Watching him, like a cat waiting in front of a mouse hole waits for the mouse to emerge. Except he wasn’t only the cat, he was the bait, too, wasn’t he?

Other times, he pulled up a chair close to the leather couch Dallas lay on, so close that it took all of Dallas’ self-restraint not to reach out and touch him in inappropriate ways.

Ways that were far less inappropriate when they’d been together in Wonderland.

Today was one of those days.

Samuel sat so close that his scent wafted to Dallas, that enticing aroma comprised of arousal and need, and the earthiness of desire. How badly Dallas wanted to bury his face in Samuel’s naked crotch and inhale him.
Nothing in Samuel’s demeanor indicated this was even an option.

Dallas forced himself to focus on Samuel’s words. Too often they made little sense to him and today was no exception. Apparently, Samuel had been appointed by the court to be Dallas’ psychiatrist. Dallas wasn’t sure why. At some point, at Samuel’s recommendation, a decision would be reached.

Regarding what? Dallas had no clue.

Samuel cleared his throat, a gentle reminder for Dallas to pay attention. But Dallas had been listening. Samuel had just asked him about the dreams, was he still having them. That’s how he referred to their time in Wonderland. As the deranged dreams of a disturbed mind.

No, he never came out and said that in so many words, but Dallas could read between the lines. He knew all too well he’d been tarred by the brush of insanity and that’s why he’d lost so much of what mattered in his life. He was determined, though, not to let it stick to him. But at this point, he had no idea what he needed to do to reverse what had happened.

Everything was still too confused, too muddled. Reality and fantasy mixing and merging in his mind. He never knew where one left off and the other began. Just when he thought he had a handle on it, everything changed, like a demented traffic light giving mixed signals.

And underneath it all, Dallas was convinced he’d find the flagrant fingerprint of his unfaithful ex, Quentin Mandrake. He just needed to be able to prove it.

 “Have you had any more of those dreams?” Samuel repeated the question.

“No, Dr. Levi,” Dallas dutifully replied.

Not for lack of trying, he had to admit.

Samuel shifted in his chair, recrossed his legs. Dallas watched the expensive material of his trousers tighten about those familiar legs. Samuel had the body of a much younger man. Dallas wasn’t even sure how old he really was. The subject had never arisen between them.

“Are you taking the pills I gave you? Every night?”

Now Dallas was on shakier ground. The truth was he had no desire to put strange chemicals into his body, even those prescribed by the delicious Dr. Levi. He had them, yes, every single one that Samuel  had ever given him. They were tucked safely in his apartment, just in case he ever changed his mind.

Dallas doubted he ever would.

“Dr. Levi, may I ask you a question?” Dallas’ way of not answering Samuel’s, so he wouldn’t have to lie to him.

Samuel’s smile was condescending. “The deepest waters make the least noise.”

What does that even mean? Dallas wasn’t sure if it was an observation, or simply something calculated to confuse him even more than he already was.

“What do you wish to know?” Samuel prompted.

“How do you know Quentin?”

“What makes you think I know Mr. Mandrake?”

Dallas found it maddening that Samuel often answered a question with a question. Used his own avoidance tactic on him.

Besides, he’d answered this question before. Just as he’d asked it before. And never been satisfied with the response. He expected the same result today.

“I saw him. In your office. The day...”

“Yes, Dallas? The day... Please finish your thought.”

But you already know what day. Dallas’ thoughts flared angrily. The day of the trial. The day Queen Quentin tried to take your head off.

That was the day he’d awakened to find himself in Samuel’s office, the day his world had begun to unravel. He felt the key to everything lay in Wonderland. It was imperative that he return, as soon as possible, so he could put everything right.

But how?

“The day you said you loved me,” Dallas said softly. He didn’t look at Samuel, afraid of what he might see. Mirth? Anger? Contempt?

Or the worst possibility... pity?

“Sit up, Dallas.”

Startled, Dallas obeyed, swinging his legs onto the floor. The leather couch creaked as Samuel took a seat just behind him. Dallas couldn’t see him, but he felt his presence all too well.

Now this was something different.

“Tell me more about what you think I said,” he encouraged Dallas in a breathy voice. Warm fingers caressed Dallas’ neck, massaging his flesh. “You’re very tense,” Samuel observed.

Was that really so surprising, under the circumstances?

“Did I say I love you, Dallas? Didn’t you say you loved me?”

Dallas closed his eyes, his skin tingling where Samuel touched it, thinking back to that day. To the hateful crowd that chanted Off with his head. To the vengeance-filled Quentin-in-drag who’d referred to Dallas as his tart. What had actually been said? Who said what?

Then he remembered.

Dallas had been the one that told Samuel, ‘I love you.’ Yes, that was it, not the other way around. Bitterness filled Dallas’ mouth.

Had he been wrong, then? Wrong about everything?

Wait just a moment.

He craned his neck, turning startled eyes to Samuel.

How the blazes had Samuel known what was said by whom... unless he’d actually been there?
“Hold on, my love, hold on.”

Samuel smiled.

to be continued

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