Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guest Blogger Jo Ramsey

Please welcome author Jo Ramsey, who's visiting us today, and is going to tell us a little bit about herself and her new release, Vengeance is Sweet. Why don't you start, Jo, while I make us something hot to drink?

The Questions
1)      You’re marooned on a small island with one person and one item of your choice—who is that person and what item do you have?
Do I have to have a person? Could it be one of my cats instead? I like cats. They’re very pleasant company, and they wouldn’t interrupt my writing… My item would be my laptop so I could work on my books!

   2)   Which musical would you say best exemplifies your life – and which character in that musical are you?
Honestly, I can’t think of one. I’ve had a pretty messed-up life in some ways, and I don’t think anyone’s ever written a musical that would be even close to it.

3)      Take these three words and give me a 100 word or less scenario using them:  composite, cute,  bloody
The police sketch artist studied the composite of the alleged killer. He was actually kind of cute. Too bad he hadn’t done the crime. The artist let the pencil fall from her bloody fingers.

4)      What is your idea of how to spend romantic time with your significant other?
If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them! My husband is an awesome guy, but he and I have pretty solitary interests and don’t spend much time together.

5)      When you start a new story, do you begin with a character, or a plot?
It depends on the story. Sometimes the plot comes to me first and I have to create characters to fit into it; sometimes the characters show up first and tell me their story.

6)      If they were to make the story of your life into a movie, who should play you?
They shouldn’t make the movie. No one would want to see it!

7)      Who’s your favorite horror villain and why?
Freddy Krueger, because the only horror movies I’ve ever watched were a couple of the Nightmare on Elm Street ones. And he was actually intelligent and had a sense of humor, albeit a very warped one, instead of just grunting and hacking people up.

8)      Do you have an historical crush and if so, who is it?
No, I don’t.

9)      Is there a story that you’d like to tell but you think the world isn’t ready to receive it?
There are plenty of stories I’d like to tell, and as an author, it doesn’t really matter to me if the world is ready. I write for myself first. Obviously I’m thrilled when publishers and readers like my stuff! But that isn’t the most important part. I wouldn’t let “they’re not ready” hold me back from writing something.

Find Jo Ramsey on her website http://www.joramsey.com; Facebook http://www.facebook.com/JoRamseyYA; Twitter @JoRamseyYA; and Tumblr http://joramseyya.tumblr.com.


Omara is a demon of vengeance. Working for Hell, she deals with humans who have killed or harmed children and other innocents. When she bends the rules once too often, Omara is placed on probation, but is brought back to work after a battle between two factions, one of which wants to destroy the largest human city to prove a point, wipes out nearly half the vengeance department.

Omara’s first assignment after probation is to “venge” Alejandro Ruiz, a man who allegedly drove his ex-wife to suicide. But when Omara visits the human world to observe Alex, she realizes he is innocent. With the help of her friend Ghast, an angel who didn’t so much fall as choose to relocate, Omara must prove Alex’s innocence to save him and his six-year-old daughter Keeley–a child who holds the key to the survival of humanity.

Thanks for stopping by, Jo!

Until next time, take care!

♥ Julie

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